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The Fibromuscular Dysplasia Association of Australasia INC. (FMDAA) relies on the generosity of volunteers to help make a difference in many ways. Your skills are always valued and we appreciate new ideas.

All volunteers are screened and in some cases specially trained, prior to commencement. Volunteers who will be working with children or youth will need to complete a National Police Check - Working with Children Certificate.

Become a Member

​1. Promote an understanding of FMD within the Australian medical and general community.

2. Develop a database of people with FMD within the Australasia region.

3. Provide support for people with FMD by;

4. Being a point of contact for people newly diagnosed or going through a difficult time.

5. Search and distribute relevant research articles.

6. Develop an educational program to assist members about the effects & treatments of FMD.

7. Develop a database of medical doctors who have an interest in / have patients with FMD.

8. Develop close links with medical bodies and other support groups in Australia.

9. Facilitate research on FMD within the Australasia region.